Links of Possible Relevance, Part 24

Warning: lots of music here.

Spotify Sucks
It does. Just let me hear the song, dude.

Fleshkiller – Parallel Kingdom (Official Lyric Video)
This is a welcome change to a lot of the Christian metal that’s been coming out lately.

70000TONS OF METAL – The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise
This looks like a fun idea.

ForeverAtLast – Ghosts Again 2015 [Full Album]
I dig this band. Aggressive, but not overly so, and a good vocalist who doesn’t grandstand.

Half Price Books Textbook Scholarship Sweepstakes
College doesn’t make you smart. It probably affects intelligence somewhat, but it doesn’t make a dumb person suddenly become markedly more intelligent. I don’t have any external evidence on that—just a hunch.

Scientists find link between people impressed by wise-sounding, ‘profound’ quotes and low intelligence
Another hunch of mine confirmed. By the way, have you ever seen the quote graphics I made for Pale Blue Scratch? Are you impressed by them?

If you ever wanted to waste time. My name on there is Not Bill Gates; don’t hurt me if you see me.

You losers need to stop saying ‘disruption’
“Disruption” is currently the worst buzzword in the tech world.

Hattusa: The Ancient Capital of The Hittites
Illuminati Hittites confirmed.

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9 thoughts on “Links of Possible Relevance, Part 24”

  1. Ed Hurst

    College may offer you an atmosphere that helps you discover your own intelligence and explore it’s limits. Most colleges in the US have ceased to do this. As for profound quotes: People with intelligence write their own or coin them on the fly. Everyone else can be discerned by how they use such quotes. Splix borrows a lot from the Qix arcade games of yesteryear. Hattusa was evidence that can’t be disputed. There was other evidence before it was found, but not strong enough to satisfy anyone who wanted to dispute the Bible as history. We’ve even known about the language long before the city was found.


    1. Jay Post author

      “Splix borrows a lot from the Qix arcade games of yesteryear.”

      You don’t know how hard I tried to remember that game’s name. 🙂


      1. Jay Post author

        Agreed on the last Extol album. I kinda think they may have banged that out to finish off their contract with Solid State, but who knows…


  2. Jill

    Re believing in pseudo profound quotes: I find the correlation with the paranormal, alternative medicine, etc. to be intriguing. It’s almost as if people in the mid range of IQ will correlate with trust in official truth and expertise, while people with low and high IQ will be more likely to dabble in alternate theories for different reasons (gullibility vs curiosity/willingness to explore). I’d like to see that study.


    1. Jay Post author

      I’m probably average IQ’ed, and I’m starting to get interested in alt religious theories. Not for truthy reasons, more just because they seem like damn good stories. Thinking of Thoth’s Emerald Tablets and those two Flower of Life books. Maybe I’m getting smarter or dumber?


      1. Jill

        I don’t know. Man’s ideal of intelligence is probably just that: an ideal. I’d rather live alone on the corner of a rooftop than dwell together with an intelligent atheist.


        1. Jay Post author

          If the atheist can shut up about it, I’d be okay with living with him. But they are as bad as vegans or evangelicals about vocalizing their beliefs sometimes.


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