Hollywood and celebrity culture are Satanic dumpster fires in dire need of wiping off the face of the earth, despite producing a few good movies here and there. I have doubts that all of the #MeToo claims of harassment are all true (thought plenty of them aren’t necessarily related to celebrities but upper-level executive-types), especially considering how bad the predatory lawyer and litigation culture has become.

But let’s assume that all, or even most, of the claims are true. What does this mean? One thing is that men are incurably horny and are good at abusing power. That’s something most of us know already, historically. Another implication is that a lot of women are terrible judges of character and social situations—as in, epidemically, atrociously, terrible.

If both of these statements are true, there are large-scale, much needed, and very obvious and very uncomfortable social implications that we are actively ignoring. I’ll leave it to the reader to assess what they are.

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