Speaking of Subverting Things, Periphery’s “The Way the News Goes” Subverts Metal Videos

I posted a link to this video in one of my Links of Possible Relevance before, but watching it again recently, it struck me how non-rock-or-metal-live-show-as-video it is. Consider how most of these types of videos go:

  1. There are multiple cameras, usually far back near the house’s soundboard, side stage, or in the photo pit
  2. Quick edits—shots normally do no linger long and tend to be jerky
  3. The lighting is brighter than in normal performances, with less shadows and color
  4. The fourth wall is rarely broken
  5. Sometimes tour footage or backstage is included
  6. Very few special effects

Each of these conventions are ignored in this video, especially #4 at the very end. Drummer Matt Halpern’s wave and smile is decidedly very non-metal, too.

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