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Blog About UX Has Really Bad UX

I recently subscribed to a bunch of blogs that deal with UX trends and best practices. One of those blogs is one on the Mockplus product site, which is a prototyping tool for web apps.

Normally I access my subscriptions on my phone, through the Feedly app. 90% of the those times, I don’t hit the actual post URL in a browsers since most blogs set their RSS broadcasters to deliver all of the post content. Mockplus only broadcasts a summary, so I have to load up the URL.

Here was the first post from the Mockplus blog I saw in Chrome for Android. Note the paradox when you compare the experience to the post title.

Also note there is no way to close the imposing ad, so you have to scroll through the entire post while the ad persists. I squinted so hard trying to read the post that my eyebrows popped off.

Here’s my experience on the desktop version of Chrome. The interstitial ad is still there, and though it covers a bit of the content, there’s a way to close it.

I’m in the UX camp of “no interstitial flow” unless the user prompts it, and less than 30 seconds would normally be spent inside it. No surprise ads while the user is reading; that would never happen if I had full decision-making—especially no full-page ads. I’m waiting for the news story about one of those causing a heart attack.

I’d also like to make it clear to the user that they’d be launching an interstitial, but I don’t think there’s good iconography language around that. The language that does exist for meta-navigation is currently being taken up by communicating external links, uploading and downloading, etc. That sort of thing would have to come from a big UX influencer if it were to catch on at all.

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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 21

I get super irritated below.

F*ck you, Periscope. I’m not creating a Twitter account just to access you.

A shameless scalzification
No one who Tweets out the phrase entirely unsubtly should be anywhere near G.K. Chesterton.

Goodreads Blog Post: If Belle Were on Goodreads, She’d Probably Act a Lot Like Emma Watson
No. Please, no, she wouldn’t. What is it about activists and their need to retrofit unrelated narratives into their fold?

A statue of a defiant girl now faces the Wall Street bull
Eventually, some people are just going to have to admit they worship females qua females.

The Action Girl Mandate, or Why All the Princesses Know Kung Fu
This is everywhere. Everywhere. I had to consciously, deliberately cut back on Elisabeth’s character when I wrote PBS. Also, LOL.

British University Bans All “Politically Incorrect” Words: Here’s The List…
Via Jill. Good thing “Go f*ck yourselves” isn’t on there, because I can imagine the more sane students at Cardiff Metro using that as a response.

Revocation is Going to Be in the New Power Rangers Movie
It still weirds me out when metal bands make it into mainstream news/media.

Android challenges Windows as world’s most popular operating system in terms of internet usage

Coffee with Scott Adams #2
Not bad, but he just describing what people do during life. Life is a “thing,” and things just are, with no meaning. What’s the “meaning” of a ham sandwich? There’s no objective “meaning” of life, since “meaning” depends on perspective. It’s more likely that life has a “purpose,” but even that differs from person to person.

Why I Despise ‘Science Says’ Articles
Also here.

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Words Mean Things

If Seth activated comments on his blog, I might write something like this on a recent post of his. Instead:

I think it’s helpful to recognize and factor in for scale. Some software dev firms are too small to really have a “human touch” to be of value (I personally don’t think any company would be too small for that, but I don’t determine their business direction, so…). Some apps that people would use are too niche to really warrant the demand for the human side of things. We might just want to use the app and get on with our lives.

The state of the user plays a lot into it, too. To wit: I have a compass and leveler app on my Android. To me, it has usefulness but I don’t see myself investing a lot of capital into the app nor its makers. However, if I were a construction contractor and the devs specialized in, say, apps for carpentry, then their human side would definitely be of interest to me, since they are essentially helping me make a living. The demand for investment is there: I use their apps more than once daily, I have feelers out, are they touching back? Any company that wants to stay in business should be.

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