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Kickstarter – Post Game Analysis

The Kickstater campaign for the new book was rather successful. I didn’t know how it would turn out, honestly, but I had expectations that it wouldn’t make it. The bulk of the contributions came from family and friends who wanted to help out, especially the first half of the pledges. Near the end, after it was already fully-funded, did I get a handful of strangers helping out.

I really thought the cards were stacked against me:

1. I am a new writer with almost no blog followers.

2. My first book has poor Amazon and Goodreads ratings. 

3. The new novel is not romance, not erotica, not urban fantasy, not YA, not Christian (enough, probably), and not mystery (enough). It’s probably closer to spec-fic, but I don’t know enough about the genre to be sure. 

4. The protag is not a strong female badass (c’mon), and her teenaged male co-protag is not a brooding sex god in training (c’mon, again). 

5. I’m an average writer most of the time, with brief flashes of insight mixed with brief flashes of dullness. 

6. Dolphins. 

Not throwing a pity party nor fishing for compliments…just stating the facts of the situation. However, ultimately, I have no complaints.

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An Update on the Works In Progress

I am currently on the first draft stage of Retardo Montalbán, and I have onboarded Jill Domschot as the semi-formal editor of the project. We have a verbal agreement for services and payment, where I will remite payment at the end of her editing duties. So this public post carries with it the accountability factor—mostly on my end—to uphold my part of the bargain in good faith.

Before I go deep-diving into Retardo I’m going to finish the dead tree version of Bored in the Breakroom. The ebook version is still free and I don’t foresee it ever being not free, but the print version will have bonus stories and will obviously carry a cost. But that cost is heavily in your favor after the dolphin apocalypse arrives and there is no electronic grid to speak of.

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Taking A Month Off

I’m taking December off of my rigorous blogging schedule of maybe posting once or twice a week to finish the first and second drafts of Retardo Montalbán*. It’s verboten form for writers and bloggers to explicitly state things like this, but I’m neither so I don’t recognize those social constraints.

There will be one small post in December about an email list and the re-release of Bored in the Breakroom, this time in print format for posterity-safekeeping for the “grid down” version of the dolphin apocalypse—the most likely of all doomsday scenarios. There will be bonus stories and seafaring carnage.

* The working title. I have a real title that I may stick with but I don’t want to reveal. These things have a tendency to shift even with the most stubborn of creative ambitions.

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Buy Mike Duran’s New E-book, Subterranea, Even if Only for the Decent Formatting

His Kindle is on the ground.

I recently helped Mike Duran with the formatting for his Subterranea e-book, which released earlier this week. You don’t have to dig into the ground to buy it*, since it can be unearthed on Amazon and read on your Kindle. If you think about it, downloading an e-book is as opposite of shoveling into dirt as you can get…but the real issue on hand is why you hate shoveling so much.

The cover was created by one Ravven. Go ahead and savor the book’s good-loookingness. Also, read it—I mean, why would you not want to read a book of short stories with titles like “Father Fayad’s Curious Compatibility Projector”?

Oh hey, since you randomly brought up e-book formatting, if you have a manuscript in need of such a rendering, consider hiring me for all of your formatting needs. I will work for pancakes**, which is a fancy way of saying, “probably below market rates”. Amazon seems to be growing a complicated set of requirements for formatting for Kindle, I guess because Kindles are getting more advanced and getting wise to things like HTML.

For reference, besides Subterranea, I’ve formatted Mike’s other e-book, Winterland, and my own, Bored in the Breakroom. Enjoy!

* Pun intended.
** I will not work for pancakes.

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Annual “Click All My Amazon Affiliate Links” Post, 2011 Version

2011 was a mostly-arbitrary division of time just like any other, but things happened within that duration in my life that are worth noting. My son got borned in August and I got canned from Noisecreep in the Great AOL/HuffPurge. On the literary side I released Bored in the Breakroom as a free e-book (rave reviews on amazon!) and the short story A Native’s Story real-book.

And in the interest of being an amazon.com affiliate, here are some links to favorite books I read during the year and albums that were released. I won’t deceive you like other bloggers and their multi-post hoo-haa year end link projectile vomiting: this is purely for amazon click-throughs, and because I need a quick break from Retardo Montalbán.

Behold…then pour cheap midnight wine into your bloodstream in celebration of a mechanical ball succumbing to gravity.

The Complete Collection – H.P. Lovecraft
Halo: First Strike – Eric Nylund
All Quiet on the Western Front – Erich Maria Remarque
Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales – Ray Bradbury
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Lynn Varley
Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: The Authorized Adaptation – Ray Bradbury, Tim Hamilton
2001: A Space Odyssey – Arthur C. Clarke
2010: Odyssey Two – Arthur C. Clarke
The Man Who Was Thursday – G.K. Chesterton
Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories – Franz Kafka

10. Animals as Leaders – Weightless
09. Death – The Sound of Perseverance reissue
08. Deadlock – Bizarro World
07. Demon Hunter – Death: A Destination
06. Death – Individual Thought Patterns reissue
05. iwrestledabearonce – Ruining It For Everybody
04. Death – Human reissue
03. Born of Osiris – The Discovery
02. Life On Repeat – Struggle & Sleep
01. Life In Your Way – Kingdoms (download for free)

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A Blog Post of Small Bits of Information of Possible Interest

»  My church is doing a series on art and Christianity and they asked me to be a part of it, which I am honored to be doing*. I’ll have a short story (not flash fiction) to be included in a nicely-designed short story book for sale in the near future. I don’t know the subject matter of the other stories but mine will be Biblical fiction. Please be aware that it will not an “inspirational” story**, as I don’t do drive-by evangelism and neither does Discovery.

»  I just finished helping Mike Duran format his e-novella, Winterland, for Smashwords and eventual release to other online retailers. I haven’t read it but I plan to.

»  After some unmerciful yet partly misinformed reviews of Bored in the Breakroom I got some actual, thoughtful critiques from a few people who have no real interest in pleasing me. I also do not like drive-by reviews by cranky Twilight jockeys.

»  At some point (as in, since I last checked a while ago) the max size for a Google Doc doc (heh) increased from stupidly-small kilobytes to a-million-or-so-characters kilobytes. What this means is that you can use it to work on that novel for that National Novel Month Thing That I Will Not Name Directly. I only want to deal with the unwieldly hellhammer of Microsoft Word at the last possible excruciating second so I will drink some vodka with a sour face to this news.

»  Most important of all, my friends in Life In Your Way have made their latest release, Kingdoms, available for free download. I understand that some of the people reading this find metal and hardcore distasteful, though I hope you all hold no issue with Christians making this kind of music. To that end, please take a read at the album lyrics here. It’s a concept album (actually, a set of 3 EPs) so there’s a definite theme and I think they pulled it off very well.

*Ever notice how some people—usually actors or other celebritity-types—claim to be “humbled” when the opportunity for self-promotion or a recognition event arises? Getting your ego massaged in this way is approaching the opposite of humility; it’s not complimentary to it at all. Being passed over and not being the center of mass attention is humiliating. Let’s stop abusing the word.

**I don’t have anything truly against inspirational art. It just so happens that the ones I’ve come across aren’t for art, it’s for the message. It would be better off as straight evangelism. My question is: why can’t they both be equal?

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A Roundup of Random Things

Make sure you look like guy when you read this post.

  1. Cathy at Windows and Paper Walls interviewed me. It’s my first interview ever as a sort-of writer so it’s exciting for me. It will be posted Thursday but I rest assured I will annoy you all with another post about it.
  2. I just started reading Bradbury’s short story collection. The way he made you care about the things he is writing is stupid-awesome, unparalleled. He made the subject of an old lady’s trinkets interesting. An old lady’s trinkets.
  3. I’m releasing a new version of Breakroom soon, but it’s pretty much the same thing you may already have read and erased. There are a few fatal and near-fatal mistakes in there that I need to correct before I pass on. It’s my first pass on publishing so I’m allowed a flub, kind of like that tattoo of your first girlfriend’s name you got—the girlfriend that cheated on you with Dirk Quarterback on prom night. Fun fact: my first tattoo was terrible.
  4. Speaking of mistakes, I redid my about page. You’ll see what I mean.
  5. My direct-link RSS feed is fixed. Plug in http://jaydinitto.com and watch the love spray forth like water through a broken hose.
  6. I changed my favicon but it never changed for me. Even after a decade of doing web design these things still confound me.
  7. I got a French Press. If you are serious about the writing life you will understand the full weight of this occurrence.

Photo by boogieswithfish.

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Proceed to Destroy Your E-Reader with My E-book, Bored in the Breakroom

I’m not going to write much here or post a cute picture as I’m working off caffeine fumes and a broken sleep pattern from the night before. Bored in the Breakroom is now available—press here. Note: the Diesel bookstore link is being saucy, but the others are fine so far.

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Babies Are Me

Not the e-book cover.

There are two notable births of late, one of which involves my new son, Nickolas Manni DiNitto, while the other involves my e-book, Bored in the Breakroom. The latter of these I will post about tomorrow, the former of which I will post a photo (look to the side).

For reasons unknown the e-self-publisher I use “ships” the books out to websites, and there’s a lag in availability. Maybe it’s a matter of administrative workings because the lag is extended beyond the near-instant speed of email. Why it takes time to essentially process a file not even 200k is beyond me; I would just ignite the e-mail airwaves myself but it wouldn’t be officially official in the same way.

But still, the book is available in certain places and I will post information soon. It will be available even more places which will give me ample excuse to pester everyone through rounds of tweets, meaningless hashtags, shortened URLs, and Oxford commas. I recommend diverting all power to forward shields before the first projectile hits.

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The Unnecessary E-book Cover Teaser Post

Bored. So bored.

There’s not much you can do for an e-book of short stories except things like this. I’m not extroverted or good-looking enough to do a Youtube video or talented enough to make a trailer, so this is the biggest gun in my arsenal, and the bullet is a stock photo I bought for $9. The gunpowder is a half-functioning copy of Gimp. Maybe the chamber is our bedroom where the ol’ Macbook sits, and me racking the slide is like shifting the mouse over a mousepad photo of my daughter when she was a few days old. The sliding air around the heated spinning bullet is the lukewarm coffee I just finished.

Please click the picture to engorge the pixels and ignore my crying over a poorly-formed analogy.

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