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Crowdsourcing: Anyone Know What This Camera Effect Is?

You can see it a few times in the Sherlock Holmes clip, the first one, at the 1:37 and 1:50 – 1:54 marks, and also some parts during the fighting scenes after that. It seems the same effect is used in the second video below, from Elysium, but to a much milder degree, from 0:35 – 0:42—right after Good Will Hunting blows Chappie up a few times.

It’s like the focus of the camera is trained onto one spot or area at the center, and the movement kind of warps around it.

I have no practical reason for figuring out the name. Just sheer curiosity. It’s hard to Google anything accurate when I barely know any basic terminology.

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On How Dystopias Are Formed

Interesting post over at the Freeman blog, touching on how fictional dystopias are formed:

Second, let’s say that we are indeed right now living in a capitalist dystopia, yet, for the vast majority of us, it really doesn’t look or feel much like the dismal world of Blade Runner or Elysium. If the hyper-capitalist world depicted in those films isn’t present-day United States (or Japan or Germany or Singapore), then where is it? Where is or when was that dystopic Googleland? Does it exist and has it ever existed? Answer: It doesn’t and it hasn’t.

Writer love to bits a corporatist dystopia, but it’s unrealistic. For as much as corporations benefit from state powers they are merely one of the spikes on the morning star, not the strong arm swinging it around. Starbucks has no “moral” or legal sanction to kill you and or jail you—two very big distinguishing properties of a government—if you refuse to buy their product.

A corporation can’t don the wretched mantle of state hegemony without becoming more like a government.

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