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Two New Javascript Projects Done

A mostly boring, semi-technical post…on the Internet, no less. I have two new Javascript projects done up at GitHub.

randomNumberGenerator (repository here)
Returns an array of numbers, chosen from a range. Granted, plenty of other developers have done this, but I wanted the mental exercise of coding it myself. I found myself needing random numbers for coding projects when they come about, and it pays to not have to repeat yourself.

workoutRandomizer (repository here)
Randomizes workout moves from a Javascript object. Easy to customize, even if you don’t really know Javascript object syntax and aren’t afraid of tinkering with source code. Something a little more practical, and something I actually use whenever I work out.

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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 23

I think Jill took it down (or it takes itself down after a while), but she mentioned me in one of her Periscope broadcasts. Thank ye!

Top 10 Science Fiction Films of All Time
Pretty good list. I personally would take Contact out—I like the movie but the tropey characterizations were almost unwatchable—and Prestige, since I’ve never heard of it. I’d replace them with Bladerunner and The Empire Strikes Back.

Fermi’s Paradox
Listen in as a few bourgeoisie agents and academics get upset about not meeting aliens. Why was it ever labeled a paradox, anyways? It’s just an unanswered question with plenty of plausible explanations.

What is a good explanation of Boltzmann Brains?
I find these more fascinating.

Marathon man preps for second live stream, with multiple iPhones, iPad
It’s an old story, but the guy’s narcissism called to me from beyond the void.

Could Donald Trump Save the Internet?
Net “Neutrality” is retarded and is the worst idea since adult coloring books or California.

SpecFaith Reviews: Wonder Woman: The Heroine We Need
Eh? I guess. Unless the writer styles herself a goddess, it’s odd to claim Wonder Woman is an accurate representation. No one claims Thor as such for men; that would be silly. I do, because I’m tall, sexy, buff, blue-eyed Nordsman*.

Low-carb diet can have similar effect on brain as ecstasy
I have never experienced this. Warning: this is a Daily Mail link and the page load time is astronomical.

The Only Way to Fix Healthcare Insurance in the U.S.
Eh, not really. The big reason GitHub works is because the results are immediately testable, as application code normally goes. Scott Adams is just proposing a glorified suggestion box. The best way to “fix” healthcare is to remove the bureaucracy from the equation: person A pays person B for a good or service, then person B gives it to them. It works for shoes, bananas, and Oriental rugs.

NASA announces the Kepler space telescope has identified 219 potential new worlds
Speaking of bureaucrats, there has to be at least one of these worlds with life that exists without any bureaucrats at all. Imagine that…

Fake News
I remember one of my communications professors slipping and mentioning stuff like this once in a while, and Rashad’s career was part of those non grata unmentionables of media politics.

* One and a half of these things are true.

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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 22

The Great Chain of Linking, Part 2
Please welcome Graham to the world of curated link list creation on the Internet, as though there are no other places to find links such as these.

Moist Meter: Wonder Woman
The best review of Wonder Woman. Don’t watch it if you’re scared of bad words.

The Truth About Wonder Woman
Another good review, but see this comment on the video for counterpoint. From what I’ve read so far about the movie, people are saying it’s sexist because there’s tons of men getting killed in horrible situations on screen while barely any women are, which completely fails the Jay Test. Just kidding! It’s because Wonder Woman doesn’t have hairy armpits and isn’t black—two way more important issues in my book.

While I’m on this topic, Jill is always good for a laugh. The reason men become sexist in front of a grill is because naw actually I don’t need to think or care about it and why do I bother reading about the asinine things affluent people think about. That’s why.

History for Atheists – New Atheists Getting History Wrong!
A very knowledgeable friend of mine started this site. Too much good info in there to pass up.

PULP-O-MIZER: the custom pulp magazine cover generator
A dashing, daring, weird adventure in graphic design.

Ergo Proxy explained
Definitely explained.

How Grass Benefits the Environment
Lawns aren’t ideal, but they’re not the radioactive death-swamps some people make them out to be.

To Run Better, Start by Ditching Your Nikes
Running shoes will kill you if you run in them, but minimalist shoes are expensive and can be butt-ugly, like those Vibrams pictured in the article. I run in $15 DBX water shoes.

The Only Guide You Need To Setup BlogSpot Custom Domain
For those of us who are kept up at night wondering about these things. Also, here’s a good guide for setting up a custom domain for a site hosted on GitHub pages, because the official documentation sends you in annoying circles.

Living Sacrifice “Reborn” Special
Reborn turned 20 years old earlier this month. Seems like only yesterday…

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My GitHub Projects

I have four project repositories up on my GitHub account. Check them here. They are unexciting to non-software engineer types, aside from the statesGame one, and even then there’s not a huge, sexy “wow” factor. I put them up because I realized I have hardly any Javascript-heavy examples of anything I’ve done out there, and if there’s anything the Internet needs more of, it’s people talking about how to make more of the Internet.

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Facebook Deleted, and a Poll

I deleted my Facebook account. I remembered I had a GitHub account that I did little with—deleted that one, too. I had planned on doing that some time ago when they started getting infested with SJWs, but it fell off my radar.

So, an informal poll. I have the Links of Possible Relevance posts that I do, and since my Facebook is gone, I’ll publish more of those posts here. Would readers here prefer the Possible Relevance format, like a link dump, or a lot of smaller posts dealing with one link? I can see the Possible Relevance format being easier for me, but I’ll try anything.

You can leave a comment with your vote. I know some of you prefer email, so you can email me your vote or other ideas instead.

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Gittip On Horvath

Chad Whitacre at Gittip posted about Julie Ann Horvath’s departure from GitHub*, and he invokes, with all the richness of proper proggy vocabulary, the secularized original sin so beloved by wealthy, white, leftoid man-dorks:

Speaking personally as someone who ticks all the standard boxes of privilege (straight white male, etc.), knowing that my conversations and interactions are public helps me pay more attention to what I’m saying and doing. Why do I want to pay attention to my words and behavior? Not, I hope, out of fear of reprisal (whether in court or on social media). I want to avoid bullying and harassing others out of love. I want my avoidance of harassment to be a byproduct of my pursuit of positive relationships with everyone I interact with.

At some point in the past the tech industry, as I understood it, was free from the infection of socio-sexual identity politics, gender quotas, and other such HR-saturated, meta-labor nonsense.

Gittip is a neat concept but individuals and organizations who begin to tap their foot to the wretched rhythms of the leftoid secular-religious drumbeat will eventually full-body dance to it. And the music doesn’t end.

* I don’t know if Horvath was actually harassed in the leftoid sense of the word, and I don’t care if she was.

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