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Nevermind What I Said About Buying a Domain

In this post. Well, mostly nevermind. Mostly. As the way things are going now, you really can get a domain taken away from you, if you are known to have Very Bad Ideas™ and incite violence. Most of you that read this won’t need to worry about that since my readership aren’t of that stock (that I know of), but folks who have the ear of powerful people can be very touchy these days, and it’s getting to be that expressing the Very Bad Ideas™ will be synonymous with inciting violence. You’re far less likely to be deplatformed if you incite violence but think Very Approved Ideas™. Humans are excellent at rationalizing a special plead deal with the unwavering gods of logic when it comes to the behavior of their in-group.

Some quick ideas. At the very least, if you’re neck-deep in Google’s services, schedule backups every now and then with Google Takeout, and store the archives locally, or on Dropbox or your hosting (not on Google Drive, obviously). Register a non-Google email address, like at Protonmail, and maybe one that doesn’t identify you personally. Use Firefox or a Gecko-based browser, or Tor, for browsing. Use Startpage or DuckDuckGo for searches. Buy another domain and, like your email address, keep it non-identifiable back to you.

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Two WordPress Plugins: UpdraftPlus and WP Dashboard Notes

There are two WordPress plugins of late that I wanted to note:

UpdraftPlus – Automated WordPress backups. You can save it locally or some place online. The paid version obviously has many more options. I backup my entire directory on a once a month schedule, and I set it to sideload* the zip file to my Google Drive. By default, it’s backed up to…your WordPress install. This didn’t make sense to me, if something happened to your install, or your hosting account. I host my blog and other sites at Bluehost, so having a backup not dependent on either my WordPress install or my hosting account was my goal. There’s a bit of configuration you would have to do with Google’s API offerings, if you’re saving to Drive, but the plugin support page walks you through that.

WP Dashboard Notes – Add a free form text area, among other similar things, to your WordPress dashboard (see screenshot). I wanted to have something like this to store quick post ideas or links. The UX of WordPress’ post isn’t really structured for this, since drafts can get lost in the list, or filtered out too easily. There was another plugin like this that I tried, that was only a plain text widget for the dashboard, but it conked out immediately with my version of WordPress (4.4).

*sideload – as opposed to uploading or downloading. It’s crossways, between two applications and servers. It’s usage is a little different, according to Wikipedia.

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Dark Is the New Black

Spurred to action by squinty eye strain and this thread about Google Drive not having a dark theme like Gmail does, I tinkered with the CSS on the Typo theme I use here to make it mostly dark with a not-quite-white text, bucking the design trend of Apple and every website in existence that relies on white backgrounds.

There’s this guy who makes a case that dark sites “suck,” but what sucks more is being shivved with ads and graphics sprayed all over the page, especially when they are rudely stuck in your face like a dirt-encrusted middle finger, right in the midst of reading content. One of Davey’s arguments is that books are white with black text. That’s great, but pages are not glowing screens, and we’re not viewing them in low light. But judging by his author photo he enjoys seductively staring into the sun so such mild self-abuse might be a personal problem preference of his.

I may have missed something in the CSS, so if anything looks strange, let me know in the comments.

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