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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 24

Warning: lots of music here.

Spotify Sucks
It does. Just let me hear the song, dude.

Fleshkiller – Parallel Kingdom (Official Lyric Video)
This is a welcome change to a lot of the Christian metal that’s been coming out lately.

70000TONS OF METAL – The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise
This looks like a fun idea.

ForeverAtLast – Ghosts Again 2015 [Full Album]
I dig this band. Aggressive, but not overly so, and a good vocalist who doesn’t grandstand.

Half Price Books Textbook Scholarship Sweepstakes
College doesn’t make you smart. It probably affects intelligence somewhat, but it doesn’t make a dumb person suddenly become markedly more intelligent. I don’t have any external evidence on that—just a hunch.

Scientists find link between people impressed by wise-sounding, ‘profound’ quotes and low intelligence
Another hunch of mine confirmed. By the way, have you ever seen the quote graphics I made for Pale Blue Scratch? Are you impressed by them?

If you ever wanted to waste time. My name on there is Not Bill Gates; don’t hurt me if you see me.

You losers need to stop saying ‘disruption’
“Disruption” is currently the worst buzzword in the tech world.

Hattusa: The Ancient Capital of The Hittites
Illuminati Hittites confirmed.

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