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Net Neutrality Is Still Retarded

It’s the calculation problem. Always has, always will be:

By arbitrarily changing existing markets for internet service, regulators risk corrupting the fragile preconditions necessary for firms and consumers to calculate rationally, and the incentives necessary to lure investment and risk-laden innovative enterprises. The result could be excess demand in the market for internet service if regulations force prices too low, excess supply if regulations force prices too high, or stilted innovation in ISP technology altogether.

tl;dr version: Corporate stakeholders spend their lizard-brain lives nailing the range of right price(s) at any given time. They don’t know much, but bureaucrats know even less. I would even argue their knowledge of right prices is always approaching zero, since their knowledge is downstream from price determination; they know what corporations are doing only after stakeholder calculations are complete, and how markets (aka: consumers) react to them.

Therefore, all policy regarding prices is arbitrary, and given a long enough duration and holding all else constant, policy will cause higher prices or massive supply shortages—probably the latter. If you though the gas shortages in the 1970’s were bad, wait until millennials can’t post a drunk selfie to Instagram during SXSW, or binge-watch the latest edgy one-hour drama on Netflix, because of inevitable bandwidth restrictions.

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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 27

What Are Heuristics?
A very brief but good overview: the “world violence” ratio the video mentions is a good example of the spotlight fallacy. But the unspoken conclusion is that heuristics are bad at knowing large scale phenomena because human beings qua human beings are bad at knowing large scale phenomena.

When to Trust the Experts (Climate and Otherwise)
Another unspoken (unwritten) conclusion: trust the experts when they agree with you, because paying attention to contrary data causes cognitive dissonance and, outwardly, causes social instability inside a person’s circle.

Star Trek: Discovery – Main Title Sequence
Wonderfully stylized sequence and a break from Star Trek tradition.

“Whip” Cream
How can a famous food blogger screw up so badly, so many times? It’s not as though she doesn’t know the right way. Beware going to that site: it has more ads than a Super Bowl on repeat, and it takes just as long to load.

The Internet Is Not Impressed With the All-Girl ‘Lord of the Flies’ Remake
I wouldn’t mind an all-broad Flies version; it makes much more sense than a diverse one, since the original text involved boys from an all-boy military school. And, according to some commentaries, Flies is about government (men) and the predilection towards physical violence that men, not women, have. Airdropping girls (heh) into that role is nonsensical. To wit…:

“It’s really encouraging that The Lego Movie Sequel will focus on gender issues.”

Why Computer Programmers Should Stop Calling Themselves Engineers
I get the sentiment, the same argument can be used for electrical engineers vs civic engineers. English vulgate speakers—i.e., everyone who speaks English—knows a software engineer isn’t a materials engineer. That’s why languages use modifiers to eliminate ambiguity. “Engineer,” by itself, anyways, means almost nothing.

Everyone is on steroids
Especially if they claim “natty” (natural), are on YouTube or Instagram, and trying to sell you something. Doubly so they are on steroids if they are vegan; vegan bodybuilders have 0.0% chance of maintaining that kind of muscle mass and leanness without getting pinned in the butt on the regular.

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Bands Need to Buy a Domain Name

Some more advice for bands from Seth:

What happens when Facebook determines your tour announcement is not high-quality content? Or that your line of products that you’ll be selling at this weekends market isn’t high-quality content?

Get your fans, the people who LIKED you, onto an email list. Now.

Tell your fans on Facebook that you’ll be sending out updates via your email list from now on. And your fans on Twitter, and Instagram.

I would add that bands need to buy a domain name. You need to own something online, and they are cheap. If mybandname.com/net/org is taken you can always yukk it up with mybandnamesmellsgood.com or dinnerwithmybandname.com. Or use an album title or lyric bit. You’re in the creative business—no need to be stodgy with the domains.

Any social networking site can delete your stuff, because it’s technically theirs. If you have a domain, people will know where to go when Godzilla fire-farts on Facebook’s server farms. Even if all you have on your domain is a splash page of your new album cover, links to your social sites and online shop, your email, the live video feed of your ferret’s litterbox. Whatever.

And, if you’re extra serious about not being a career loser, buy hosting, install WordPress, and post to it once in a while…even if you do all that sort of thing on Instagram or Twitter already. And backup your content once a month, because hosting providers can delete your account, too. Installing and posting with WordPress, and downloading a backup of all your content is easy to do.

Just remember: if you didn’t pay for it, it’s not yours. And if you do pay for it, it may not be yours, either. Always have a backup plan.

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