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Ebook Sales Trend Downward

Due to screen fatigue…at least in the United Kingdom:

“I wouldn’t say that the ebook dream is over but people are clearly making decisions on when they want to spend time with their screens,” says Stephen Lotinga, chief exeutive of the Publishers Association, which published its annual yearbook on Thursday.

“There is generally a sense that people are now getting screen tiredness, or fatigue, from so many devices being used, watched or looked at in their week. [Printed] books provide an opportunity to step away from that.”

You can’t Netflix the latest edgy one-hour drama or search for Caitlyn Jenner’s eyebrow waxing routine on a static, printed book. Amazon might do well to keep up with pre-fourth generation Kindles, where it was an actual e-book reader and not an iPad clone.

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House of Books Gets Meh Reactions on Gizmodo

Repositories of knowledge is dumb.

Via Karen DeCoster, check out all the harumphing comments for this house built around the presence of physical books. Says one commenter:

In the years to come it will seem as absurd as building a house around a collection of 8-track cassettes.

This takes the burrito for worst analogy of the year, seeing as “story quality” is the same on paper as it is on screen.

Another gem of logic:

who the hell has that many books in their personal collection? never heard of a library?

Why is it bad to own a lot of books instead of having to rely on the collection in the care of people you don’t even know?

I don’t mind Kindles or any kind of e-reader, but what I think their main advantage—their portability and their data storage—aren’t enough to kill off physical books for good…especially considering how infrastructure-dependent they are. The power goes, you drop the device just the wrong way, a disgruntled IT tech decides to take a whizz on one of Amazon’s tape drives…all very likely scenarios. Then your Hunger Games trilogy is lost. You buy a book and as long as you keep it above your home’s likely flood levels, it’ll be around for quite some time.

Most people read only a few books at one time, so the appeal of having so many books accessible at once is only good for bookworm bragging rights. I’m not one to waste energy on one-upmanship so that is all lost on me.

I’ve posted my reasons before so at this point I’m repeating myself. Given what Gizmodo’s content is, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all the poo-pooing of things low-tech.

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Buy Mike Duran’s New E-book, Subterranea, Even if Only for the Decent Formatting

His Kindle is on the ground.

I recently helped Mike Duran with the formatting for his Subterranea e-book, which released earlier this week. You don’t have to dig into the ground to buy it*, since it can be unearthed on Amazon and read on your Kindle. If you think about it, downloading an e-book is as opposite of shoveling into dirt as you can get…but the real issue on hand is why you hate shoveling so much.

The cover was created by one Ravven. Go ahead and savor the book’s good-loookingness. Also, read it—I mean, why would you not want to read a book of short stories with titles like “Father Fayad’s Curious Compatibility Projector”?

Oh hey, since you randomly brought up e-book formatting, if you have a manuscript in need of such a rendering, consider hiring me for all of your formatting needs. I will work for pancakes**, which is a fancy way of saying, “probably below market rates”. Amazon seems to be growing a complicated set of requirements for formatting for Kindle, I guess because Kindles are getting more advanced and getting wise to things like HTML.

For reference, besides Subterranea, I’ve formatted Mike’s other e-book, Winterland, and my own, Bored in the Breakroom. Enjoy!

* Pun intended.
** I will not work for pancakes.

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