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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 24

Warning: lots of music here.

Spotify Sucks
It does. Just let me hear the song, dude.

Fleshkiller – Parallel Kingdom (Official Lyric Video)
This is a welcome change to a lot of the Christian metal that’s been coming out lately.

70000TONS OF METAL – The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise
This looks like a fun idea.

ForeverAtLast – Ghosts Again 2015 [Full Album]
I dig this band. Aggressive, but not overly so, and a good vocalist who doesn’t grandstand.

Half Price Books Textbook Scholarship Sweepstakes
College doesn’t make you smart. It probably affects intelligence somewhat, but it doesn’t make a dumb person suddenly become markedly more intelligent. I don’t have any external evidence on that—just a hunch.

Scientists find link between people impressed by wise-sounding, ‘profound’ quotes and low intelligence
Another hunch of mine confirmed. By the way, have you ever seen the quote graphics I made for Pale Blue Scratch? Are you impressed by them?

If you ever wanted to waste time. My name on there is Not Bill Gates; don’t hurt me if you see me.

You losers need to stop saying ‘disruption’
“Disruption” is currently the worst buzzword in the tech world.

Hattusa: The Ancient Capital of The Hittites
Illuminati Hittites confirmed.

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I Don’t Know What This Is

I can hear my heartbeat in my left ear. A heart can go at any time, and you’re gone. If you’re lucky, you expired on the sofa and your corpse can binge watch the next eight seasons of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival. Spoiler: Rory will have a few dozen more babies out of wedlock and live off the (coerced) kindness of (taxpaying) strangers. But she’s still st Continue reading

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Pale Blue Scratch Still Available For Free

There’s four hours left to download Pale Blue Scratch for free, over at Amazon. Hooyeah…

Unless I get a lot more downloads today, it peaked on the Amazon charts at #593 for mystery, and #29 for steampunk. Being a no-name, I’ll take it.


Giveaway over! It will return soon, though.

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Download My New Book for Free

Pale Blue Scratch is available on Amazon for free…right now. Go get it!

Edit: This applies to the ebook version only. Whew.

Giveaway is over, but it will happen again soon…

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Graham Got Scratched!

Graham, aka: Azure Ides-Grey, bought Pale Blue Scratch and sent in some glorious photos.

Since he sent in two photos, I get to plug his two blogs: the hesitant telos and The Christian Philosophy Cafetorium.

Send in a photo of you with a copy of the book (paperback or ebook version), and I’ll post it here and link back to your site/blog/Twitter/Facebook/Geocities page.

As a related aside, there will be some PBS-related news later this week…



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Pale Blue Scratch Now Available in Oakmont, PA

If you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area, you can now buy a real, genuine, dead tree version of Pale Blue Scratch at the Mystery Lovers Bookshop in scenic, famous golf-coursey, Oakmont, PA.

* Unnecessary side bar: is there a name for this linguistic phenomenon, where two causally unrelated things are grammatically linked together? The fact that a book is available in a bookstore isn’t ontologically dependent on the royal “you” being present in the area. It’s implied that “hey, this information may be relevant to you,” but a non-native English speaker might receive the thrust of the sentence too literally.

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Pale Blue Scratch Now on Smashwords

Buy here.

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More Ways to Buy Pale Blue Scratch

I’ve added a few more online outlets where you can buy Pale Blue Scratch. I’m working on getting it on Smashwords now, too.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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Pale Blue Scratch Ebook is Now Only 99 Cents

Refer, dear reader, to the post title. The book is still free for Kindle Unlimited users. The link to buy is here. The ebook was $4.99 originally, though I’m not sure why I didn’t make it 99 cents right off the bat. If I wanted to be dishonest I could probably come up with an explanation, but it’s too late in the evening for irrelevant deceptions.

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Book Review: The Jaybird’s Nest and other stories

I finally got around to reading Jill Domschot’s The Jaybird’s Nest and other stories (disclaimer: Jill is an Internet acquaintance of mine and has been my editor in the past). The seems ordinary but the stories are not: they are mostly absurdist sci-fi and fantasy, and there’s plenty of humor, mostly subtle or satirical, in the vein of something by Ray Bradbury, or Scott Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide, or a Guy Ritchie film, without all the profanity and bloodshed…or any musical film with a sci-fi element to it. I’d say, in that last example, it’s harder to not have humor in that genre—maybe it has to do with spontaneous singing and choreography that puts human (plus alien, maybe?) interactions in an absurd light by its nature? Just a guess.

But I think it’s harder to write humor, since the to “force” a humorous visual into a readers’ mind is much harder without a glowing screen to assist. Not to insert my own book in a review, but humor of technology or world-view, not necessarily slapstick, was something I tried to do with Pale Blue Scratch. I don’t think I really pulled it off well. I had to concentrate on the story and message more so; the humor of it all came a distant third in the priority list. It’s a noticeable deviation from my intent, but thankfully no one shares my mind so it’s not noticeable to anyone else.

4.5 stars. I would’ve given it 4 stars but the titular story is in second person and that’s hard to pull off well.

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