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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 27

What Are Heuristics?
A very brief but good overview: the “world violence” ratio the video mentions is a good example of the spotlight fallacy. But the unspoken conclusion is that heuristics are bad at knowing large scale phenomena because human beings qua human beings are bad at knowing large scale phenomena.

When to Trust the Experts (Climate and Otherwise)
Another unspoken (unwritten) conclusion: trust the experts when they agree with you, because paying attention to contrary data causes cognitive dissonance and, outwardly, causes social instability inside a person’s circle.

Star Trek: Discovery – Main Title Sequence
Wonderfully stylized sequence and a break from Star Trek tradition.

“Whip” Cream
How can a famous food blogger screw up so badly, so many times? It’s not as though she doesn’t know the right way. Beware going to that site: it has more ads than a Super Bowl on repeat, and it takes just as long to load.

The Internet Is Not Impressed With the All-Girl ‘Lord of the Flies’ Remake
I wouldn’t mind an all-broad Flies version; it makes much more sense than a diverse one, since the original text involved boys from an all-boy military school. And, according to some commentaries, Flies is about government (men) and the predilection towards physical violence that men, not women, have. Airdropping girls (heh) into that role is nonsensical. To wit…:

“It’s really encouraging that The Lego Movie Sequel will focus on gender issues.”

Why Computer Programmers Should Stop Calling Themselves Engineers
I get the sentiment, the same argument can be used for electrical engineers vs civic engineers. English vulgate speakers—i.e., everyone who speaks English—knows a software engineer isn’t a materials engineer. That’s why languages use modifiers to eliminate ambiguity. “Engineer,” by itself, anyways, means almost nothing.

Everyone is on steroids
Especially if they claim “natty” (natural), are on YouTube or Instagram, and trying to sell you something. Doubly so they are on steroids if they are vegan; vegan bodybuilders have 0.0% chance of maintaining that kind of muscle mass and leanness without getting pinned in the butt on the regular.

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A Trope in The Lego Movie

Saw the Lego Movie. Was good, etc. There was a character set up between two of the main protags that I’ve been seeing elsewhere, though I didn’t seem to find it on the TV Tropes site. It’s similar to the Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy trope—or rather, it’s a very specific version of it in bildingsroman narratives.

The male protag in this trope is often a youngish goody two-shoes, hapless and inexperienced in life, who unknowingly possesses some latent powers that hold the key to defeating the main antag. The girl is a field agent of the resistance group and is his first contact with them. She is attractive and competent girl with moxie; the absolute double threat for any horny dork. He falls for her at some point but he’s too much of a bumbling beta male to be attractive to her, so she is a perpetual bitch to him while trying to be professional with the new recruit. Sometimes she will have a love interest within the resistance group with (surprise!) an overconfident jerk. Hapless beta male protag serves as a emotional tampon for her regrouping efforts, but then she goes back to overconfident jerk guy for a fling and the cycle continues. Sometimes betaboy gets the girl at or near the end when he proves he isn’t as much of a sissy, but not always.

I’ve seen this in plenty of anime series: RahXephon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Eureka 7—those are ones that come to mind first but I’m sure there’s more. Usually those mecha-based series involve teen or pre-teen pilots, which lends the situation easily to this type of narrative. I’m not necessarily annoyed with it since the trope is not all that far from the reality of inter-relational sexual dynamics in our world, but it is an overused device.

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