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Steel City Comic Con 2017 Photos (December)

Warning: tons of photos! Click here for the photos from the comic con earlier in the year.

Jyn Erso, in the Scarif disguise:

Dr. Doom:

Daughter DiNitto on the left, as Keith from Voltron, with Pidge:

A blurry photo of yours truly with R2-D2. See way at the end of the post for a video I took of him (it?):

Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers:

Kylo Ren and Rey. I can tell their costumes were homemade but they were pretty accurate:

Loki with the Tesseract, someone I forget, and Thor:

A queen from something?:

Kylo Ren in disguise as Matt (Matilda, in this case), the radar technician:

They are Neegan from The Walking Dead:

Someone from something and a Deadpool:

Aquaman and Boba Fett without his helmet:

Jyn Erso in her standard outfit:

Deadpool. Her costume was impeccable:

A Dr. Who:

Wonder Woman and Green Arrow. Two more great costumes:

Cruella DeVille:

Wonder Woman and Snake from Escape from New York/LA:

Kira from Death Note, third from left, and people from things:

Jabba the Hutt with slave Leia:

Inuyasha. The sword was even bigger in person:

Master Splinter and Shredder:


Festive Shoretroopers (I think):

Deadpool. He had the boombox on every time I saw him:

Batman and a Star Trek person:

The Green Ranger:

A bowless Green Arrow:

Captain America:

A Mandalorean (Star Wars) soldier:

A Ghostbuster:

Two Sith Lords:

Silent Bob:

The Flash:

Princess Mononoke:

Captain Jack Sparrow. Dude was always in character…i.e., tipsy and rakish:

Harley Quinn:

Logan and Deadpool, best friends:

Darth Vader. One of the best costumes:

Princess Zelda and Link:

Mario, Luigi, and Koopa Troopa girlfriends:

A Sith Lord:

Jason Voorhees:

Barf from Spaceballs. She was going to put the Pepsi’s down but I told her to hold them, since the drinks are fairly in character:

A battle-worn Goku:

A Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman:

Finn, Spiderman, and a guy from a thing:

Ed from Good Burger, another guy who was always in character:

Something from Star Wars:

A nurse from Silent Hill:

Leia in the Hoth base uniform:

A Voltron mini-convention:

People from Stranger Things:

Freddy Krueger/Santa Claus:

People from things I don’t know:

A video of the functional R2-D2:

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Steel City Comic Con 2017 Photos

Just what the title says.

UPDATE: Here are some photos from the December comic con.

Someone from something, and Bucky Barnes from Captain America/Avengers:

Freddy Krueger:

People from a thing:

New-ish Batman and old-school Robin:

A version of Wonder Woman:

Indiana Jones and yours truly:

A Doctor Who (I think), some Harry Potter person, and someone from something:

Eren from Attack on Titan. She even did the salute:

Old-school Batman and Joker:

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) and Robin:

Goku and two people from something:

Someone from Harry Potter:


Deadpool/Sailor Moon mashup (?) and Captain America:

Ash from Pokémon:

A scout trooper and Jessica Rabbit:

Yours truly and Hulk Hogan:

Negan from The Walking Dead and someone:

Jason from Friday the 13th and a Harry Potter person:

Rey and Kylo Ren without the helmet:

Reppert, a Ghostbuster:

Rey. She had a great lightsaber:

Belle and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast:

Boba Fett, one of my favorite costumes. He even had an intercom-type speaker so he could talk while the helmet was on…sounded like the real thing:

People from something:

Kylo Ren:

Negan (that’s marker stubble on his face), hitting yours truly’s daughter, who is dressed as John Egbert from Homestuck. The fellow on the right said he was Despair, but he has a mask of Glenn from The Walking Dead on.

Waldo and horse-banana:

Rey, Luke Skywalker, and a rolling BB-8! I liked Luke’s puttees:

Kylo Ren:

Thor and Loki. They were huge:

No-Face and Chihiro/Sen from Spirited Away. True to character, No-Face even gave gold away to everyone.


John Egbert, Dirk Strider, and Dave Strider, from Homestuck:

Not pictured: a great Darth Vader costume, that was as good as the Boba Fett one. It was a bad picture that I accidentally deleted.

Fun times.

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Larry’s Got Charm

One of the funniest lines I’ve heard in a video game.

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Weird Language on The Walking Dead

I heard this sentence on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead:

“If you weren’t in here already, you’d be here.”

It was spoken to a doctor who had gotten sick and was being quarantined with a load of other non-doctor patients. It was meant to show the speaker’s (Herschel’s) regard for the sick doctor’s character—that his dedication to patient care would persist in dangerous situations.

Knowing that context makes the line pretty clear. I just noticed how non-meaningful it would be as a standalone sentence.

Page of Sarah Palin’s redmarked resignation letter stolen from Vanity Fair’s website somewhere.

* Don’t know if “semantic” is the correct term to use here. I just work here. I’m not management.

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Surprise! That Utopia Was Actually A Festering Hellhole



If you consume anything fictional—movie, TV show, book, video game—you’ll know that if you come across any situation in the story that’s too good to be true for the protagonists, the situation is probably based on a lie from the pit of one of the lower circles of hell. After a few episodes of The Walking Dead‘s third season, I was probing TV Tropes, looking past the clunky design to see if there was an entry for this phenomenon. Behold the False Utopia.

It happens a lot when writers want to mess with their protagonists, and it’s accomplished by building false expectations in both the characters and the audience, and then pouring buckets of demon vomit all over it. Although the Governor (TWD‘s false utopia leader) didn’t seem all that bad at first blush, the fact that he looked rather benign was a sure tip off that he’s Satan’s toejam. His toejam-status is confirmed once we find out about the severed heads he keeps in aquariums, and all kidnapping and incarceration, forced disrobing, and killing other people for their stuff that he does.

Interesting that he’s named the Governor, because his town is the most governmental out of what is shown on the series. Instead of cooperating or trading peacefully with others, like moral people, the initiation of force is used to acquire resources from the outside. Disperse the Governor’s power among a few more people and it becomes the mafia. Increase the size of the land and charter a ruling document and you’ve got yourself a bonafide modern-day nation.

It’s not an absolute comparison. People in TWD aren’t producing wealth so much as appropriating abandoned property in little bands that act much like families, pooling and sharing of resources within, and squatting land and buildings. There’s not the hard division of labor and power that characterizes markets and nations, so we’re left with what looks like variations on primitive communism that marked pre-modern-technology tribal structures.

Utopia is here. Somewhere.

Utopia is here. Somewhere.

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A List of Things I May Be Doing Tonight Instead of Voting

Why not?

My shadow won’t be darkening the voting booth tonight for a number of reasons*, both practical** and moral, but the biggest reason is pure statistics. I’m not a member of the electoral college so as far as the presidential ballot goes, the chance that the college ties and things go to the popular vote to decide are almost nil.

I can respect libertarians that vote for a Gary Johnson, writes in a Ron Paul, themselves, Cthulhu, their comatose third cousin or dead childhood dog. I know of some that vote Libertarian Party to basically build up its legitmacy, but eh…me linking to Johnson’s campaign site or to a LP-friendly organization like the Mises Institute or linking to a free PDF copy of Henry Hazlitt’s Economics In One Lesson (pdf) probably does the same amount of damage in a fraction of the time—I’m not a member of the LP and I’ve little interest in really supporting it.

But this post is less about the crimes of politics and more about doing what I enjoy in life, one of which is not being herded willingly into a large room to press buttons for cash and prizes. So, in true Austrian economic fashion, as the final arbiter and most competent allocator of my resources (mostly time), coupled with the fact that voting produces little to no satisfaction for me, here’s a serious list of things I may do with my extra hour or so of time that yields the most satisfaction for me. Enjoy!:

  1. Roughhouse with my 14 month old son.
  2. Read with my 7 year old daughter.
  3. Watch The Walking Dead with my wife.
  4. Read non-Wikipedia resources about the fascinating subject of cargo cults.
  5. Write another chapter in my book which will never get done, then
  6. lurk NaNoWriMo’s forums for partial manuscripts and laugh at all the goober writers that scatter adverbs like appleseeds.
  7. Fondly recall what is perhaps my most alpha male move, four years ago, when I elected myself to public office with one vote and then didn’t accept the position.
  8. Pray for Christians worldwide, whatever their political beliefs, to realize the state is the worst solution to implement God’s plan for the world.
  9. Make and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, courtesy of Nicholas Coffee (even though they are into fair trade scamery), then workout until I can’t feel my fingertips.
  10. Check my blog to see if this posted. I use WordPress, which, unlike government programs, is free, very reliable/effective, and no coercion was involved.
  11. Enjoy the nice fall weather by sneaking in a solid raking sesh. Similarly I can
  12. bike past the school where I would be voting, on my way home from the bus stop. Just because.

Cthulhu lawn sign photo by ThinkBaker.

* I’ve heard every reason to vote under the sun, and some reasons over it, and you’re not smart enough to come up with something new. But by all means, please convince me otherwise.

** Pay special attention on that page to the South Africa example.

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