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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 28

Japanese-style public service ads in LA metro
Cute, but it feels the novelty could wear off quick.

The real reason why network ‘neutrality’ is impossible
Interesting technical reasons why this idea is a nightmare. It will cause shortages of service, just like every other time bureaucrats try to make things “fair.”

Twitter is done with hate symbols and violent groups
Twitter clutches its pearls.

Brie Larson on Twitter: “I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for my phone number. To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense.”
Via Jill. What hath feminism wrought? Paranoid, intolerable Victorianites. Peasants cannot spake suchly to the aristocracy!

Here’s why a 45-foot tall nude sculpture may be coming to the National Mall
Can you believe it’s a silly political statement?

Sci-fi interfaces | IxD Lessons from Sci-Fi
A site I wish I knew about sooner.

Blade Runner Black Out 2022
A nicely-executed short story animation.

Former Hollywood Insider Speaks Out About Sexual Corruption
I dig (a few) movies, but morally, Hollywood is a neverending dumpster fire. It’s safe to assume there’s plenty worse that goes on that we don’t know about, if this scandal is one of the public ones.

I also dig native American (or whatever they’re supposed to be called) culture, but they are nowhere near the noble angels they’ve been reputed to be.

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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 26

Jay at 40
I recently turned 40, so like all beautiful young women I took a bad selfie with no filters or edits. Enjoy.

Over-40s most at risk in UK’s laziness epidemic, says PHE
Speaking of middle age…

Starbucks Invite-a-Friend Interstitial
Attn: Starbucks. I think you’re okay. Your Sumatra K-Cups, brewed at 6 oz and served black as night, has ruined me for other cups of coffee. Your online boardgame this summer is also neat, but I can’t make it past the first stage of incentives because I don’t belong to the hashtag and emoji cesspool called Twitter. What gives?

A Churlish Defense
“Marx was a wicked and short-sighted man who weaponized envy on a multinational and multigenerational scale, but nation states don’t set the world in order, either.”

NYT pulls book from best-seller list over suspicious sales
I’ve witnessed a similar kind of market gaming myself, first-hand, while working at music stores near major metro areas, where an artist touring through the area would send a rep to buy in bulk all or most of the artist CDs in the store. Sometimes the actual artist himself would come in and do it himself.

Vegetarians Don’t Live Longer
Via Jill. Keep in mind one can eat anything loaded with sugar, soy, white flour, or anything you’re not supposed to be eating, as a part of a vegetarian diet.

Footprint find on Crete may push back date humans walked upright

Time Cube
Remember the Time Cube site? Thank God someone had the foresight to mirror it. One of the best word salad manifestos I’ve come across.

LOST SPHEAR Gameplay Trailer
The top-down JRPG genre is probably my favorite in gaming, and this looks fun.

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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 21

I get super irritated below.

F*ck you, Periscope. I’m not creating a Twitter account just to access you.

A shameless scalzification
No one who Tweets out the phrase entirely unsubtly should be anywhere near G.K. Chesterton.

Goodreads Blog Post: If Belle Were on Goodreads, She’d Probably Act a Lot Like Emma Watson
No. Please, no, she wouldn’t. What is it about activists and their need to retrofit unrelated narratives into their fold?

A statue of a defiant girl now faces the Wall Street bull
Eventually, some people are just going to have to admit they worship females qua females.

The Action Girl Mandate, or Why All the Princesses Know Kung Fu
This is everywhere. Everywhere. I had to consciously, deliberately cut back on Elisabeth’s character when I wrote PBS. Also, LOL.

British University Bans All “Politically Incorrect” Words: Here’s The List…
Via Jill. Good thing “Go f*ck yourselves” isn’t on there, because I can imagine the more sane students at Cardiff Metro using that as a response.

Revocation is Going to Be in the New Power Rangers Movie
It still weirds me out when metal bands make it into mainstream news/media.

Android challenges Windows as world’s most popular operating system in terms of internet usage

Coffee with Scott Adams #2
Not bad, but he just describing what people do during life. Life is a “thing,” and things just are, with no meaning. What’s the “meaning” of a ham sandwich? There’s no objective “meaning” of life, since “meaning” depends on perspective. It’s more likely that life has a “purpose,” but even that differs from person to person.

Why I Despise ‘Science Says’ Articles
Also here.

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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 17

Mind-Altering Quantum Experiment Shows Time Has Never Existed As We Think It Does – “You totally can’t trust anything about the universe, except the results of my experiment. Trust me! Science.”

Study warns that science as we know it is evolving into something shoddy and unreliable – Bring back natural philosophy and engineering-as-research!

How to talk to aliens.

Queryfeed – For us non-Twitter users who want to follow an account on there but deal with all the hashtags and shortened URLs sell your soul don’t want to actually sign up.

Youtube Heroes – Crass video, but enlightening. I can’t think of a worse idea than YouTube giving normal users the power to mommy everyone when they see something they don’t like.

Listen to the Surprisingly Goofy Voice of a Neanderthal

Darwin Unhinged: The Bugs in Evolution – “In sum: If we don’t know what conditions existed, or what conditions would be necessary, and can’t reproduce the event in the laboratory, and can’t show it to be statistically probable, and can’t construct something that might have evolved—why are we so very sure that it happened? Would you hang a man on such evidence?”

Read a sample résumé for Marissa Mayer – “please no one do this” – a friend’s comment on LinkedIn. Please note he’s a graphic designer.

The App Store Renders Government Irrelevant – As if more rendering were needed.

The Student-Loan Scam Killed ITT Tech – “Neither students nor their parents could possibly pay out-of-pocket for college at these prices, nor would private lenders see these loans, which have no collateral, as feasible. In the absence of government created credit, colleges would be forced to charge prices that are in line with reality.”

Bike Night Cycling Heart Shaped Tail Light – Uh…

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival program – Warning! This is a pdf. Another warning! This references the Medieval Period as the “Dark Ages.” Final warning! It’s not really a Renaissance festival.

Is this the most convincing video of the loch ness Monster ever – No. It’s not.

How Long to Write Famous Books – Geez, take your time, Salinger.

Majority of Americans Are Still Reading Print Books – Time to finally get that “Print 4 Lyfe” tattoo.

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How Not to Do a Convention Center Website

Don’t mind me here. It’s part of my mortgage-paying job to notice and fix the things I’m gassing on about below, so none of this post is necessary. It’s all sidebar observations. Is anything on here that necessary to begin with?

It’s not that Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center website is bad, per se, but that it has an information gap problem. I went there to find a way to get updates about their upcoming events, for no real reason other than curiosity, since the center is down the street from work and happenings there can affect my commute, etc.

The front page doesn’t have much in the way of their event calendar; that’s a separate page. But, more importantly, there’s no RSS feed or a mailing list that would provide updates. Nothing. Schlepping to that events page every so often to see what’s coming up is the only way, and there’s nothing there that denotes anything as a newly-organized event*. You’d have to go to their Facebook or Twitter page for that, but even then you’d need to subscribe or follow them, assuming you are signed up for either (I am not).

I’m probably not the typical user that accesses their site. It’s most likely designed for potential convention organizers, or attendees who are already planning to go to an event and need information on parking or lodging.

* Not to mention, the events page is in a table format, not a calendar, which would convey date information much more quickly.

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Mia Kim Got Scratched!

This is Mia Kim’s thumb and new copy of Pale Blue Scratch.

Send in a photo of you with a copy of the book (paperback or ebook version), and I’ll post it here and link back to your site/blog/Twitter/Facebook/Geocities page.


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Links of Possible Relevance, Part 13

Lots of music-based and tech stuff this time, and two Onion links. Am I getting jolly as I get older?

4 Sets of Identical Twins Pull Off NYC Subway Prank – Awkwardly pulled off, but great idea.

Star Wars Main Theme – Single by Galactic Empire – Even the plates on the amps are translated!

Animated Covers – Brilliant and mesmerizing.

Rush’s 2112 Comic Book Suite – Every other lyric video pales in comparison.

How to lower the cost of healthcare

A minimalist tour/show flyer

Pathetic, Washed-Up Rock Star On Fifth Decade Of Doing Exactly What He Always Wanted – “… the washed-up loser who has been able to walk out on a stage multiple nights a week for more than four decades and play music of his own creation while being cheered on enthusiastically by a paying audience.”

Microsoft deletes ‘teen girl’ AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours – LOL, but then there’s this…

Is the future award-winning novelist a writing robot?

Video Game Boss Thinking He Should Get Big Glowing Weak Spot On Back Checked Out – I instantly knew from what game that screenshot came. What do I win?

As The Story Grows, Chapter 53 – My son makes his podcast debut (at the very end). Thanks to Travis, Jeremiah, and Seth for hanging out a few weekends ago. They made me want to have Twitter for 6 seconds.

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Bands Need to Buy a Domain Name

Some more advice for bands from Seth:

What happens when Facebook determines your tour announcement is not high-quality content? Or that your line of products that you’ll be selling at this weekends market isn’t high-quality content?

Get your fans, the people who LIKED you, onto an email list. Now.

Tell your fans on Facebook that you’ll be sending out updates via your email list from now on. And your fans on Twitter, and Instagram.

I would add that bands need to buy a domain name. You need to own something online, and they are cheap. If mybandname.com/net/org is taken you can always yukk it up with mybandnamesmellsgood.com or dinnerwithmybandname.com. Or use an album title or lyric bit. You’re in the creative business—no need to be stodgy with the domains.

Any social networking site can delete your stuff, because it’s technically theirs. If you have a domain, people will know where to go when Godzilla fire-farts on Facebook’s server farms. Even if all you have on your domain is a splash page of your new album cover, links to your social sites and online shop, your email, the live video feed of your ferret’s litterbox. Whatever.

And, if you’re extra serious about not being a career loser, buy hosting, install WordPress, and post to it once in a while…even if you do all that sort of thing on Instagram or Twitter already. And backup your content once a month, because hosting providers can delete your account, too. Installing and posting with WordPress, and downloading a backup of all your content is easy to do.

Just remember: if you didn’t pay for it, it’s not yours. And if you do pay for it, it may not be yours, either. Always have a backup plan.

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Hitler on John Piper and N.T. Wright

I’m not a super-theology buff so don’t yell at me for being a Piper or Wright fanboy. I have seen some N.T. Wright videos and liked them. I have seen some John Piper tweets and liked them. That’s about it.

As with some Hitler Reacts videos, it’s hard to really determine who is meant to be supported, if at all. Is it who Hitler is not mad about, or who he is mad about? Or is it the situation in general. Discerning meaning gets more muddled than Facebook likes (“I’m not liking the situation but I’m liking your attitude about it. Sorry your 50th cat died!”).

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Zach Braff Is Kind of a Knucklehead

Zach Braff doesn’t always tweet about penises:

I get it. The implication with this statistic is that all religious belief systems can’t all be right, but that declaring them all wrong is more tenable.

He has it backwards, though, if that’s what he is implying. Person A who believes Religion X is free to believe that Religion Y has at least some bit of the truth, by dint of religion’s definition.

It’s gradations of truth strength. Not only is Person A free to believe this, he is logically compelled to, no matter what his feelings are toward Religion Y.

Skepticism and atheism shut the door on that completely. It actually suffers from the categorical defect that religion is diagnosed. All claims to metaphysical/supernatural events are false—end of. Religious people are either mistaken or outright lying. If I don’t make tables at all I have no choice but to reject all table-making offers, but if I specialize in creating one type of furniture—tables—I can, though not as competently, create chairs or desks as well.

Not that I care deeply about being tolerant (not of us are, in the end), but which belief system, theistic or non, has more possibility for broad-mindedness, forgiveness of error, or a thin but common bond between strangers?

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